Kenai Feed & Supply is your one stop shop for your farm, garden, and pet needs!  We carry a full line of livestock and pet food, including holistic and organic feeds.  We also carry greenhouses, garden supplies, organic fertilizer, drip irrigation, fencing, ranch supplies, tack, and live chicks. CLICK HERE for a more complete list of brands and products.  Special orders or requests are welcome.  For non gardeners or animal owners, we sell fresh eggs, seasonal fresh produce, locally produced food and art, wild bird seed, and lots of books.  If nothing else, stop by to have a cup of coffee!
Our prices are the best in town, plus we are outside of city limits (no city sales tax)!
Our online store will be up and running soon – stay tuned for details!
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4 days ago

Extra layer chicks this week:
Barred Rocks
Buff Orpingtons
Rhode Island Reds
All $3.95, all pullets (90% accurate)

5 days ago

Due to a cancellation we have 3 package of honeybees still available. Please give us a call if interested!

1 week ago

We're hiring for a position at our farm as well! Drop resumes off at the store.